Sustainably grown

The Kuura fibre is made out of pine and spruce from certified, sustainably-managed, Finnish forests. Sustainable forestry ensures the biodiversity of nature and secures valuable natural habitats. The amount of wood in Finnish forests has almost doubled since 1970 and the strong growth continues, making Finnish forests a major CO2 sink.

Overview of the process

Sustainable forests


Paper- grade Pulp

Staple Fibre




(Textile manufacturing phase)

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The Kuura process

The pulp used to make Kuura fibre is produced in Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland. This is the first pulp mill in the world that does not consume fossil fuels. By integrating the textile fibre production directly to the bioproduct mill we are able to utilize the environmental friendly industrial ecosystem and make the production of Kuura fibre efficient and fossil-free as well.

The production of Kuura relies solely on paper-grade pulp. This new method has been developed in collaboration with local universities. All material used in the production of the fibre are safer and more environment friendly than ever before.

Process benefits

Better textile fibre yield from wood

Production free of fossil energy

Smaller environmental footprint

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The pulp sourcing policy behind the Kuura fibre is found here.

Our Story

The Kuura® story

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